Search places the most comprehensive background verification database in the Caribbean at your fingertips. This valuable search tool offers instant results when researching the criminal and civil history of anyone who lives or has lived in the US Virgin Islands.

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How Does BackgroundChecksVI work?

You will be performing a comprehensive search for public records. At $95.00 per search, you will be given access to years of records compiled by Dennis Sheraw and Associates. You can search by person or company name. Simply click the REGISTER button to register, and pay for your search credit(s). After completing payment, you may perform your search and if record(s) is/are found and displayed, and the name highlighted is of interest to you, click on DOWNLOAD to see and search that document for details. There are no monthly minimums, sign-up fees, or monthly fees to access the data. Searches are not archived. Register now to get started!

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INFORMATION & DATA included in BackgroundChecksVI
Marriage License Application
Civil Small Claims
US District Civil Court
US District Criminal Court
US District Court Bankruptcy
Superior Court Virgin Islands Criminal & Civil

Title II UCC
Partial Release of Mortgage
Mortgage Satisfaction & Release
Warranty Deeds
Deeds Other
Notice Federal Tax Liens
Release of Federal Tax Liens
Notice of VI Tax Liens
Release of VI Tax Liens
Notice of Lis Pendens
Release of Lis Pendens
Assignment of Mortgages
Death Certificates
Release of Liens
Building Permits Application
Business Ownership
AKAs and Nicknames
Local Media
Certificate of Attachment Liens